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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fox9 Murdoch violates1stAmend & Ron Paul2008 to debate USPresident

Fox 9 Rupert Murdoch
Affiants and challenge your blatant discrimination
of to censor the debates, by excluding any/all candidates including the Texas Senator Hon. Ron Paul
US Presidential Debates 2008 - Google Search Shame on you, Due to the Fact the RNC will be held in the Sanctuary City of St. Paul, MN, Welfare State of Minnesota: We Hometown/Homegrown Bill of Indian decent, Sharon Gypsy-Swede Minnesotans request that you reconsider your exclusion/discrimination of Ron Paul.
The right to Petition our government, must mandate 1st Amendment Rights to Presidential Debates for the Public Scrunity.

Protest Fox News Exclusion of Ron Paul From New Hampshire Forum

MichiganFrom Indian word “Michigana” meaning “great or large lake”
MinnesotaFrom a Dakota Indian word meaning “sky-tinted water”

Thanking you in advance Sharon and Bill of Minnesota

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Subject:Fox 9 censorship Blatant Discrimination of Republican Candidates
Date:1/6/2008 6:23:59 P.M. Central Standard Time
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